This started a few years ago when a Forum I was involved with, I am Furry, was giving away free websites to it’s members.  I had (and still really don’t) NO IDEA how to make a website, let alone what to put on one.  This site was the first Jades Den.  It was mostly rubbish, but what I did get from it was that I could use it for something most people were scratching around for, and that was links to other sites.

After a while the site grew, it had a Sister in Jades Den|After Dark, where I was able to separate the safe sites from the not so safe. After a while I was noticing a definite traffic trend towards my Webcomics links, which led me to the decision to expand ever outwards into a dedicated webcomics site as well.

So whats it all about?

Finding.  Enjoying.  And doing it in a fun and informed manner, where you can ask others about sites, and leave your own impressions.

There are a number of ways you can do this here.

Jades Den

The primary purpose of Jades Den it to help people find Resources and Information on Furry Fandom, in a safe and fun manner.  It is true, that Furry Fandom has some unfortunate people associated with it, and the search for information can sometimes lead to undesirable locations.

That is why I started this site.  Jades Den has a “Censorship Vixen” on each post, assisting folks in identifying potentially adult content on sites, and a description outlining what they are likely to find.

Jades Anthro Webcomics

Jades Anthro Webcomics seeks to promote anthro inspired and talking animal comics to a wider audience – you!  Who doesn’t love funny animal comics, animals the think their people or all out serious comics with anthro character’s in them!?

So check them out, support these wonderful and hard working artists and remember, they do all this for you, so the least you can do is support them!  We also have a Top 100 site to check out too!

The Header Artwork was generously provided by El Zorrito, the Author and Artist of the Webcomic Foxy Flavoured Cookie, and I would love it if you supported him by checking it out!

Jades Forum

The community forum, where you can chat Webcomic’s, Websites, general Furry stuff or anything else that takes your fancy!  Wanna talk to Jade?  Heres the Place!!!

Or, failing all else, drop Jade a email from her Contact Page.  Look around, check out the sites, and most importantly, ENJOY!!!